Dude Reminds Us: Ice Chunk Will Break [VIDEO]
Ahhhh, jumping on ice- Fun and dangerous! Not sure why it's fun, although, in the case of this dude, he reminds me why it's fun, to at least, watch him. See, this guy and his buddy  filmed themselves hanging down by the river. (insert Chris Farley here)
How Dalton Castle Spent His Days As A Kid [VIDEO]
I'm assuming you're familiar with our afternoon Party Peacock, Duuuuuh Duuuuh Dalton CASTLE!!!!!! Yeah, he's a pro wrastler and I need to say: He's f------ good at it too! Dalton is always running around the building talking about wrestling and his ability to be the funniest dude around. One thing t…
‘Petman’ The Humanoid Robot [VIDEO+POLL]
Well Happy Monday! Ready to be creeped right the f--- out?  And yes, this is straight out of a movie. I'd like to welcome 'Petman' to the world. See, Petman is a humanoid robot developed by our friends at Boston Dynamics. Petman is certainly lifelike, and wears camo as well as an…
Do People Have To Much Time On Their Hands? [VIDEO+POLL]
You ever see someone do something ridiculous with zero point? Like, to the point where you think to yourself: 'Some people have entirely too much free time on their hands'. With life's daily adventures constantly taking up most of our time, watching someone do something that would see…
Hey, Not Everyone Has Bieber Fever
I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was driving home with my six yr. old son when out of no where he decides he wants to belt out a Justin Bieber song. While I'm all about my kid having fun, singing along to music and eating chicken nuggets: him learning Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Metallica…
BMW Truck Wrecks As Dudes Watch [VIDEO]
So, the snow may be slowing down out there, but the reports are coming in. Accidents here and accidents there. It's bound to happen right? Everyone seems to have 4-wheel drive and of course, driving way to fast for conditions can only mean one thing: Crash, crack, boom!
Get Any Chicks Number and Freak Her Out at the Same Time
Oh that title is correct, in my opinion, especially around here. Maybe it's just me though?  I'm sticking with: 'In real life, ish doesn't go down like this.' Well hold on: It goes down like this but you know the chick is making a b-line for her comp only to b…
In This Moment ‘Adrenalize’ LIVE [VIDEO]
So, In This Moment were here last Summer weren't they? I remember laughing, singing, dancing and throwing a few punches. Ok, so I wasn't throwing punches but trust me, it happened. Oh, we also drank beers and had an f-n blast.

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