This has to be the funniest thing this side of 12 noon. Seriously, I spit most of my coffee all over my desk. So, this kid has his wisdom teeth pulled and is asked what he wants to do. Naturally, going home and relaxing is the last thing on his mind. 'I want to go to Disneyland!!!' he says with this look of serious on his face.

Loaded with gauze and ready to trek home, dudes parents explain to him that he just had his wisdom teeth pulled and the surgery was successful. This is where the magic starts to happen!

Not gonna lie- This kid's parents suck. Think of dudes life when he heads back to school and his buds get a hold of him. As he walks down the halls they're gonna be like 'You're not wise anymore'. Poor kid, all hopped up pain meds, wants to ride Buzz Lightyear and has no idea what JambaJuice is. Enjoy the rest of high school bud, your parents just ruined it for you.