Ever take a walk around the fine city of Albany? Chances are, on your journey, you've ran into someone asking for some spare change. Not gonna lie, in the few minutes it takes to walk the length of Lark Street I've been hit up quite a few times. At first I may give away one of my smokes, or that dollar bill I have in my pocket.

Most of the time, I feel like I'm being scammed. I mean, some of these 'homeless people' are wearing nicer clothes than me. Plus, you get that gut feeling that dude is taking my dollar bill and adding it to his take for the day. I guess you never know what the 'real deal' is.

It's sad that a man plays on the emotions of others only to benefit himself. Actually no, it's disturbing. What's sad is that someone else who may just need a dollar to make his stomach pains go away gets the cold shoulder. That's truly the sad part.