Listen, when you decide you're going to rob a store you better get all your ducks in a row. You need a bullet proof plan. You know, like actually pulling of the heist and not getting your ass handed to you. Seems basic enough right?

See, Johnny Wears A Helmet didn't think this one through at all. And that's the thing. When you wear a helmet to a robbery, your bound to piss someone off. Either man up and show that mean mug or expect a pummeling from random bystanders who see right through you.

Wearing said helmet suggests a few things: 'I'm a puss and need protection plus I'm not gonna fight back because I have a weapon and something to protect my thick skull'. Or maybe his directions weren't made clear cause, you know, his mouth is covered by a damn helmet.

Johnny Wears A Helmet, you're all wrong my friend, all wrong. Switch that helmet for a mean face and a hammer. Go big or get demolished by half the store, dummy!