Free Stuff In Albany
Hours of entertainment and a fanny load of fun and the best part is it’s all free. I scanned the Craigslist post to find you the best of their best of the free stuff in Albany.
Albany Area Craigslist Gives Away Cat
It's been a while since I've glanced over the wonderful world that is Craigslist. Nothing has changed and I'm totally ok with that. So, you in need of a pet? How about a cat, liter box, serving station and food?! Boom, Albany area Craigslist to the rescue!
Your Palace Awaits In Schenectady
As of late I've found myself shopping for an apartment. Frankly, I'm tired of roommates and all that non sense. Naturally, my first stop is the 'Apartments For Rent' section via the Albany area Craigslist page. Boy did I find a stunner!

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