Get Laid On Hump Day, Thanks To Craigslist [POLL]
Wednesday is here! Mid-week if ya will: It's Hump Day! You know, middle of the week get over the hump and all that jazz? So you know, I'm gonna spin this in a pure sexual way. I mean come on, I'm a dude and why the hell not? On to the Albany Area 'Casual Encounter' section o…
Fake Baby Daddy Needed In The Albany Area via Craigslist
Craigslist offers everything, right? You can get a free car, (yes they are given away) find a lovely to bed at the end of a hard week at work, and even- find a job for the day. Yes, the Albany Area is fortunate to have Craigslist and so am I!
Snow Day Equals Craigslist Casual Encounters [NSFW]
Lovely weather out there, ehh? Tomorrow is officially Spring and Mother Nature can't help but remind us that Winter is still in full effect. Depressing right? Around these parts most of us are ready for some much needed warmth yet it's snowing like a mother. Might as well find a mate to ke…