Get ready Maury because you are about to have a flood of all new guest on your show. The latest buzz on the street is actual pregnant women are now offering up their “positive” pregnancy test on Craigslist. Why would anyone want to buy a used pregnancy test?  Well any number of reasons of course.

#1: Punk your man Ashton Kutcher style.

#2: Wreck your mistress’ marriage.

#3: Get your parents off your back.

#3: Trick Ramon into paying you for your visit to Plan Parenthood.

Any of these reasons is good enough to perches such a conniving tool. I’m sure a lot of people are going to be upset with this miss use of a personal pregnancy test but I only see the positives. Now that women have started to sell used positive pregnancy test on Craigslist the market has expanded. These ladies have opened the flood gates for me to start selling all sorts of things that I have previously peed on.