Track season is near and Saratoga will be hopping. Pretty ladies, loads of drinks and plenty of money coupled with insane gambling and a random man who has spent quite a few years enjoying random ladies in the Spa City. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Check out dude's recent post on Craigslist.




I love this dude! Honest- yep! His ability to thank his 'partners' warms my heart. If this is true, that means this dude has plowed quite a few randoms in his day and what a great place to do it! Toga baby!

Young, old, heavy, skinny- this dude has spent summer after summer banging away without a care in the world. Who cares what his female counterparts look like, he went in and went in hard. He's probably seen tons of cash, tons of boobs and tons of horses. And that's what track season is about. Gambling, money, horses, women and love making, all summer long. High five to you my friend, high five!