There are many-a posts on Craigslist that instantly make me think 'this person has literally just trolled the internet'. For the most part, you can see it coming a mile away.  But this one? I'm not sure.

So this 'person' is bored with her home life and has a thing for dudes who do more than stare at a computer all day. I'm out, that's for sure. Screenshot

With references to local weather and places, one would think this 'professional' is the real deal  and is looking for some dirty ding from a sweaty mess that paints street lines all day? Being that I'm a cynical SOB, I submit that this is written to well, you know what I mean? Something tells me this chick, who works way to many hours, most likely has a few extra greenbacks and can manage to skip out on Craigslist and find more realistic ways to commit infidelity with her dirty dirty blue collar hard ass.

None the less: