Sharing is an awesome concept and it has the power to change the world. But some things you just don't share, like your toothbrush, or your underwear, and never let any one barrow your Social Security Number.

Found a post on Craigslist the other day of a man looking for the prefect women to share with his two buddies. The three men felt that together they had all the qualities of the "prefect" man. But individually they have a hard time meeting people.

Something else you might want to put on that list is your girlfriend. Understandably some people are into this. But if it takes you and two of your buddies to make one "perfect" man, then its safe to say that the three of you have some flaws. Its these flaws that women find unattractive and these flaws aren't going to be over shadowed by how tall or how rich your two other buddies are.

If any ladies are in to three creepy dudes than may this work out for every one but for now its just plan ol' creepy.