How Do You Spell Olympics? [VIDEO]
I realize that many us are terrible at spelling, thank god for auto-correct when I write some of these stories for the webpage. If you are a tattoo artist don't you think you should pay close attention on how to spell words? Imagine if you got this torch bearers tattoo error!
There’s More Than Just Tattoos at Saratoga Tattoo Expo
There is more than just ink and tattoos at the Saratoga Tattoo Expo.  Not only will there be hundreds of local and international tattoo artists displaying, working and showing their craft, but there will also be hot models, live music, tattoo contests, body piercings, demonstrations from the Only Fl…
Show Us Your Ink – Voting + Entry Form
You have until Friday May 3rd at 12 Noon to vote for which should win - vote now!
Enter your tattoo to win a new tattoo from Spaulding's Tattoo World - up to $200.
Can You Guess Whose Tattoo This Is?
Can you guess which rocker has this koi fish swimming up the inside of his arm? The exotic creature, a sign of strength, is one of many colorful tats on his arm including a “flamboyant” octopus.
New Van Halen Single ‘Tattoo’ [VIDEO]
The gang is back... sort of...Dave, Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang otherwise known as Van Halen. The new album is called ' A Different Kind of Truth' and will be out February 7th. Hear & see the video of  the first single with David Lee Roth since 1984's 'Jump' cal…
Is A Penis Back Tattoo A Mistake?
I see people with mistakes made all over their bodies every day.  I see the sweet barbed wire around the bicep that is actually just a tub of goo instead of muscle. Or maybe the name of your Ex girlfriend who soon ran off with your best friend shortly after you got the ink. But this one has got…
Slipknot Vocalist Corey Taylor Visits NY Ink [Video]
Last night, Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor was featured on NY Ink, which is a show about the Wooster Street Social Club tattoo shop, owned by former Miami Ink star Ami James. Taylor gets a piece in honor of the late Paul Gray, who was the longtime bassist for Slipknot. Watch the emoti…