Yes a mom got her three year old tattooed - you read that correctly. Ahhhh what is wrong with people, seriously? When my little guy was a toddler I always thought to myself: 'Man, Noah would look really sweet with a Dora The Explorer tat on his arm'. I'm sure as Noah got older he would be like 'Daddy, thank you so much- Thank you for cursing me for life. Thank you thank you thank you'. Without further adieu I present to you: The Mother Of The Year Award.

First off, your music selection blows. Secondly, why are you screaming 'mirar'? You think that little guy is going to instantly stop, take a 'look' and be like: 'Si, mama- I really like it a lot, gracious.' Thirdly, these people suck really really bad. This is a huge case of SMH!


This is wrong, end of story. That little kid has no idea what's happening and it shows. Thankfully, he's in the arms of his lovely mother so you know he's nice and comfy :-\

Beside taking that entire clan of filth out back and destroying their ever loving souls, I ask you this: