I realize that many us are terrible at spelling, thank god for auto-correct when I write some of these stories for the webpage. If you are a tattoo artist don't you think you should pay close attention on how to spell words? Imagine if you got this torch bearers tattoo error!

Terri Peterson of Atlanta Georgia was nominated to be one of 70 international torchbearers selected by her employer to participate. She carried the Olympic flame thru England on June 30th, so she decided to commemorate the event with a tattoo on her arm.

She and a friend went to a 'really good' tattoo parlor in Georgia, with her design the torch logo and the words ' Olympic Torch Bearer' with her. When the tattoo was done, she walked out with a misspelling 'Oylmpic Torch Bearer. The tattoo artist offered to fix the mistake, but Terri has declined stating it's a unique as she is.