I see people with mistakes made all over their bodies every day.  I see the sweet barbed wire around the bicep that is actually just a tub of goo instead of muscle. Or maybe the name of your Ex girlfriend who soon ran off with your best friend shortly after you got the ink. But this one has got to take the cake.

I may cut corners a lot of things. Ill ask a friend to fix my car before going to a dealership, ill shop at a thrift store for an old t shirt and I may even have my father in law help me build something in my home before calling a contractor. How ever I would never look for a free lance tattoo artist. This guy was asking a man doing tattoo out of his back yard to do a picture on his back. The one place you can’t be sure what you get is what you asked for.

So lessons learned here: if you are going to make the commitment to have something put on your body permanently, even if it is as stupid as a dragon or ying and yang. DO NOT go to a man in his back yard. See a professional so they can put those embarrassing marks on your body in a cleaner and more trusting manner.