You have to wonder what goes through a persons head when they decide to permanently put something on their body.  This woman's tattoo got her kicked out of Legoland.  Justified?

Lana Massey was kicked out of Legoland this past weekend because her tattoo was deemed inappropriate by employees after receiving complaints by other customers.

Massey, whose tattoo appears on the left (see the uncensored version here) was surprised that she was asked to leave.  She was given a full refund, but is claiming that she was a victim of censorship.  Was she though?

What kind of responsible adult walks into a place for children with a fully naked Tinker Bell in full display?  If there is a line between art and inappropriate, she crossed it.  Sure, it's body art, but she is basically walking around with pornography on her leg.

Is this something you would be cool with your children seeing?  Did Legoland take the proper measures, or did they over react?  Could they have just asked her to cover it up instead of just kicking her out?

The questions can go on forever.  I am in full support of her boot out of Legoland, because if someone had walked in with porno playing on their iPad for all to see, no one would have thought twice about kicking them out.  What do you think though?

Here's what some people have to say on facebook:

Nicole Berg: I would have kicked her out, too. I appreciate tattoos but not this kind.

Beth Maria DiBella: Poor tink that switch is like as big as she is. Nasty, not artistic.

Carl Eriole: Tats on women are just plain disgusting. Like, why cover a perfectly good piece of veal with ketchup, butterflys, dragons & seasoning?

Bethany Francisco: omg poor tink

[Via BuzzFeed]