How To Make Your Relationship Work
On my personal blog (which I'm not going to link here because it's super NSFW, and a little controversial, but you're welcome to Google me if you're interested), I'm working on a list of writing prompts that ask questions about my relationship and my sexuality
Why Do Woman Take Longer To Pack?
Over the weekend I went back to my hometown in Ohio to visit family and friends. This was the first trip for my girlfriend to the "homeland" and her first in person interaction with my family, stressful enough for her right? What about the time it took her to pack and the stress th…
What Exactly is Cheating? Here’s How to Define It.
The other day, I was discussing cheating with a woman who does a lot for the online community we're building at my “real job”...which, for those not in the know, just happens to be an adult website. The woman is in a committed relationship with two men. But she, like most people, defines cheating a…
Some Truths About the “Big O”: It’s All Relative
The other day, someone tweeted five steps to a better "o". They went like this:
1 – Do it yourself.
2 – Do it yourself.
3 – Do it yourself.
4 – Do it yourself.
5 – Do it yourself.
Mere seconds after the original tweet was posted, it flooded my timeline as ot…

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