I may be delusional on my self image but I’m starting to think I need to gain some weight before my girlfriend thinks I have been cheating on her.

According to DM a recent study shows that men with square chins and prominent brows are more likely to be caught as cheaters or known to be “unfaithful." The study shows examples of celebrities like Colin Ferrell and Gerard Butler. These examples don’t say science to me at all, instead these examples cry common sense.

You mean to tell me men with square jaw lines and dream eye brows or as they are often called “attractive men” mostly are the ones who cheat? Well duh you stupid waste of time scientist. Of course its attractive guys who cheat and not chubby round faced bloated dudes. You really think tubby sweaty and balding guys are cheating on their wives and girlfriends? I’m sure the fat faced guys would like to cheat but they lack the ability because, well, they are fat. This study is crap but I’d like to know what the rest of the world thinks.