Over the weekend I went back to my hometown in Ohio to visit family and friends. This was the first trip for my girlfriend to the "homeland" and her first in person interaction with my family, stressful enough for her right? What about the time it took her to pack and the stress that put on me? (LOL)

I had a duffel bag with enough clothes for the time of our trip, she had a large suit case with close to 10 full wardrobe changes, not counting sleep clothes.

My bag? Packed in less then 5 minutes total, including the time it took me to retrieve said items. Her bag? Nearly 30 minutes and change.

So why do women take longer to pack then guys? Science has the answer!

After studying nearly 80,000 brains and a large amount of research papers, we are just wired differently - plane and simple. Or is it?

Women actually more brain cells in the part of the brain that controls judgement and planning. This part of the brain also controls the impulses. Which partly explains why us guys are more inclined to jump in to a situation before thinking it completely out vs. women who take time to calculate it all before, if at all, making the jump.