It's something most have seen in a porno but a new report says 1 in 10 of us have actually done the "deed" in our office or on the grounds of our place of work.

Almost a quarter of respondents (22% to be exact) to the survey said they have thought about it. 41% say they've suspected a co-workers of doing the nasty behind closed doors during business hours.

When it came to workplace romance - 37% have dated a co-worker while 51% say it's OK to date at work. 18% said they have been attracted to a co-worker but on the flip side, 51% said office romances lead to "tears and awkwardness."

The survey, conducted by the job site Glassdoor, ask 1,000 anonymous employees to talk about office romance. They say that office romance is to be expected with the amount of time that people spend together at work. They also state that you shouldn't go public with the relationship unless you are sure it's going to last for some time.

The biggest thing to keeping an office romance a success, repeater romance and work. Leave work at work and don't let the romance get in the way of work.

For radio? I don't know about office romances but I know the old adage is if you haven't "broken in" your office or studio, you haven't really worked in radio - And I'll leave you with that.