Is there such a thing as too much Tulip Fest? Apparently there was for this guy.

Shortly after the band Panama Wedding finished performing on the main stage at Saturday's annual Albany event, those watching from the lawn were treated to another performance.

Loud yelling bellowed from the front left corner of the field where a dark-haired man wearing a white tank top was seen on top of another guy, seemingly attacking him. The two were separated and most of the bystanders turned back toward the stage, laughing off what looked like two friends who may have tailgated a tad too hard. But what happened next was just plain weird.

The guy in the tight tank began to run fast around the park lawn, screaming at strangers in a fit of rage. He even grabbed hold of a tent skeleton other festival-ers were sitting by and tried to take the whole thing down.

It wasn't long before a swarm of Albany police moved in and tried to have a rational conversation with the man, but he did not seem in the mood for that. As he started to run away, several officers grabbed him and pushed him to the ground. At one point, more than five officers were needed to restrain him, as he continued to scream even into the ground.

Of course, more than a dozen people took out their phones to grab some epic video footage of what not to do at Albany Tulip Fest. None of that footage seems to have made its way to YouTube yet.

It's worth noting that the Albany Tulip Festival is a dry event, so either that guy was partying it up before he came or he just really didn't like waiting for the next band to take the stage.

Man is held down by police after screaming in strangers' faces at Albany Tulip Festival 2014. Photo by Ariana Sheehan.