The annual Albany Tulip Fest is going on this weekend, but what do you do if you aren't all about the flowers?  Don't worry, you'll find something.

So you want to head out to the Tulip Fest this weekend, but you think it's all about the flowers.  Not into that?  Who can blame you?  That's sissy stuff.  Don't let it stop from coming out to enjoy your self a good time though.  There is plenty of hell to raise throughout the day.

Treat this as one big party, because God knows we will be.  By the way, Q103 will be setting up camp at the fest all day long on Saturday, so be on the look out.  Back to the big party.  It will be hard to avoid the flowers, but with everything else that's going on you can at least try.

So here are a few activities to do to fully enjoy the days festivities.

Stuff Your Face With Food

There will be plenty of food vendors with food to rot your insides.  It only comes every once in a while, so go ahead and indulge.  You will not be going hungry at Tulip Fest, and if you eat flowers the food is free!

Rock Out!

With several stages of live music going on all day, you'll be able to listen to some great local acts plus Fountains Of Wayne will be on the main stage Saturday night. Plus there will be beer, so that's always a good time.

Hang Out With BJ & Dalton

Do I really need to twist your arm on this one?  Dalton, myself, Rob Dawes and the Q-Tease will be representing the Q throughout the day Saturday.  Stop by, say hi, bring Dawes some cocaine.  It will be a fun time, plus we'll be playing a little name that tune for prizes.

See, even if you aren't all about the flowers there will be plenty of things to capture your ADD ways.  Hopefully we'll see you out on Saturday.