This past weekend was the annual Albany Tulip Fest.  You could enjoy it the way everyone else did, or you could enjoy it the way Dalton and BJ did.

You couldn't have asked for better weather on Saturday for the Tulip Fest.  One of the biggest days in Albany, Q103 was of course around to enjoy all the benefits.  Food, music, and causing trouble.  Maybe you weren't doing the third option, but Dalton and I decided to have some fun with some of the locals.

If you stopped by to say hi, then we really appreciate it.  If I kicked your ass in rock,paper, scissors, then you're welcome.  You know not to try that again.  In all honesty though, we had a really good time with you guys.  We also had a really good time wandering around the festival meeting all kinds of characters, and also the pony rides.

Okay, so maybe they weren't the 'traditional' pony rides, but we couldn't just let those guys have a monopoly.  It's against the American way.  We were a little surprised that no one was willing to take us up on it, but hey, their loss.

They weren't the only animals we got to see.  Dalton, who has previously shown his love for animals, saw some baby goats.  He wanted to give them a kiss, but they were just too young.

We took some other photos while we were out, including the fact that most of the tulips were, well, dead.  It was Dalton's first Tulip Fest, and he was a little disappointed.