Troy Police Subject Of ‘Enough is Enough’ Community Meeting
Six people arrested and eight Troy police officers injured inside of a Troy night club early Saturday morning as officers responded to an assault. As police searched for the assault victim they were hit with bottles and punched. As if things weren't already out of hand, witnesses believe police…
Choo Choo, Oops There’s A Car [VIDEO]
Remember those amusement park trains we all loved to ride as a kid? They were the coolest weren't they? Even as an adult, I'm totally down with hopping on the train and enjoying a relaxing ride.
Baby Walks Out On 10 Story Ledge [VIDEO]
I think I just watched the craziest video of all time. And with today's plethora of video websites, making that kind of statement is like going out on a ledge. Speaking of ledges, watch this kid just walking around on a window sill like it's some sort of inclosed balcony.
Russian Dash Cam Catches Greatest Non-Road Rage, Road Rage
So, guy is trying to make a left turn on a busy Russian road. For starters, driving on any Russian road is crazy, but hey, Russians are used to it. Anyways, dude is trying to make a left hand turn when out of no where a dude in an SUV rolls up with his dash cam and cuts the guy off.
Man Flips Car While Texting And Driving [VIDEO]
So, a cop in Florida is following a man who is driving extremely erratic. One would think dude is hammered as he tries to negotiate the the most basic of driving challenges. You know, like, stopping at red lights and accelerating through green lights. All are very tough, I know.
Son Eats Grapes Mom Goes Ballistic [VIDEO]
Man videotapes kid eating grapes in grocery store. Man then confronts mother. Mother goes to reprimand kid. Mother and son get into knock down drag out and all hell breaks lose.

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