Man Survives Three Days 100 Feet Underwater [VIDEO]
If you have a fear of small places, the ocean, and being stuck underwater in an air pocket buried in the remains of a tugboat, you my friend should man up and click play. This is, quite frankly, one of the most incredible videos I have ever seen.
You Won’t Believe Why This Chick is Crying [VIDEO]
Life is tough out here on these mean streets. We have people getting themselves caught on toilet paper holders, people going bananas at Walmart on Black Friday, and my kid's mother telling me he shouldn't take part in a pillow fight. I wish the last 'problem' wasn't real, bu…
Frisky Couple Falls Out of Pickup Truck
After watching this video, a few words come to mind. Circa 1975 the band Nazareth covered The Everly Brothers classic tune 'Love Hurts' and boy does it fit. Imagine riding down the road only to find yourself watching a couple get it on in the back of what appears to be a pickup? Of course …
How Many Calories Are in a Handful of M&Ms?
With Halloween on Thursday, reminders to eat healthy  are popping up everywhere. By everywhere, I'm referring to YouTube. Thank you to the lady who spends three minutes of her life reminding us that a handful of M&M's will net us 250 calories. Yeah, thank you!
September 21, 2013 Was a Beautiful Day To Stay Home
You know what happened about three weeks ago? Right? I feel like there was zero promotion for the Albany Area's Annual 'get drunk, listen to random 'jam' bands, and get even drunker' fest. From what I'm hearing Facebook alerted most the day of the event. So now, I'…
Dash Cam Video Records Police Officer Saving Woman’s Life
It's not everyday you're riding down the street and you stumble upon an accident involving a vehicle fire. It's also not everyday you stumble upon a video of a police officer doing something awesome. You know how it goes, video shows cop and citizen duking it out, tazing, yadda yadda …

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