As a society we are in such a rush,  it's rather ridiculous, annoying if you will. Take a ride down any major thoroughfare and you'll see what I'm saying.

For instance, the Northway will provide you with people and their utter lack of commonsense when it comes to beating rush hour traffic as they fly up the highway at 100mph's thinking they will magically pass all the slow goers making it home in record time. Of course you'll see them wrecked a half mile up the way. Dumb!

Then you have this person in Texas thinking it's a good idea to try and beat the train! What? Who knows why this person thought this was a good idea to go ahead and drive around the train crossing gate thingies, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this person just had to be somewhere, like 10 minutes ago.

So the question is 'Mr. Let's Try And Beat The Train', how's that working out for you?