Best Rock Song Intros [Videos]
It's the part of the song that needs to hook you in.  If that doesn't get your attention you will probably disregard the song.  These are my favorite rock intros of all time.
The One Man Disney Movie [Video]
Meet Nick Pitera.  A very talented yet disturbing individual. He has an amazing vocal range and showcases it in this video where he does a medley of Disney songs. I first saw him 3 years ago when he popped up online doing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. He truly is a one man…
Seether Takes Cap Region
This is a band I have heard a lot of people wanting back for another concert.  Well you have your wish because they are returning to the Capital Region.
Gone Country?
As all of you may know I am big fan of rock and heavy metal.  Not much into country music, but I now have a new found respect for it.
100 Hottest Holiday Tunes
These are the songs that we can't live without and Billboard put together a list of the most played tunes this holiday season.