It's the part of the song that needs to hook you in.  If that doesn't get your attention you will probably disregard the song.  These are my favorite rock intros of all time.

The intro of a song may in fact be the most important part because it is what draws you in and immediately strikes a certain nerve in your body.  Whether it's some dry lyrics, a guitar intro or  a kick ass bass line it is a defining moment of the tune.  Some songs have it, some songs don't.  Some are so recognizable over time that all you need to hear is the first note to know what song is about to rock your face off.

I have my favorites.  The moment they come on I am sucked in for however long the song happens to be, no matter how many times I have heard it. So I'm going to put together what I think are the top song intros of all time.

10. Coheed and Cambria-Welcome Home
The song itself is outstanding.  Coheed has always had a very unique sound and the opening to "Welcome Home" is classical guitar that transitions into a kick ass heavy metal guitar solo.  I can only describe this one as epic.

9. The Kinks-You Really Got Me
These guys were taking guitar solos that sounded metal and grungy before it was fashionable. The opening riff to this has been done by every great guitar player in the business. Who can forget Van Halen's fantasic cover of the song, but the credit goes to the originals.

8.Motley Crue-Dr. Feelgood
Nikki Sixx is the one that jump starts this one. I have heard people say before that his simple bass line is the coolest song intro of all time. The Crue is really good at hooking you in, but Dr. Feelgood may be their crowning achievement when it comes to intros.

7. Heart- Barracuda
Who says that chicks can't rock? This is one of the most bad ass riffs of all time. Forget it if this one comes on while you're driving and you better hope there are no cops around because the peddle will be to the floor.

6. Metallica- Enter Sandman
Now this song is amazing from start to finish, but it's the built up intro that really makes that song what it is. The slow build to the booming verses and chorus is almost like magic. Metallica has always had a long lead up into most of their songs (minus "Fuel"). Sandman's opening is by far their best.

5. Van Halen-Eruption
Not just an intro to a song, but to an entire album. This ripping guitar solo at the beginning of Van Halen's self titled debut led people not into a song, but drew them listen to the thing in it's entirety. Then of course Eddie goes into my number 9 riff, "You Really Got Me".

4. The Who-Baba O'Riley
Not a guitar but a keyboard. This song has been covered by countless bands on albums and live, but no one can do it like The Who. It has even been used to open television shows like CSI: Miami. So not only is it hooking you into the song, but now a TV show. Pretty awesome.

3. AC/DC-Back In Black
The Brian Johnson era's most definitive song. "Back in Black" is relentless hard rock right from the beginning. Who cares if these guys can only play 3 chords, because they are three most kick ass chords on the planet.

2. Black Sabbath-Iron Man
It is so evil. For a while it was ringtone and if it went off in the middle of the night it would scare the crap out of me. You know exactly what you are in store for as soon as Iommi drags his fingers down those guitar strings to make that distorted sound.

1. Deep Purple-Smoke on the Water
What can you say about this one. It is probably the most recognizable guitar riff of all time. It's dirty sexy and cool. I don't know anyone who doesn't like to crank up some Deep Purple when it comes on.