People in attendance at a Jane's Addiction show in Buenos Aires, Argentina got the first taste of their brand new song 'End of the Lies".

Jane's Addiction front man Perry Ferrell must love the people of Argentina because they got a first hand look at the brand new song by the band at a March 30th show.  Ferrell even debuted the track on an Argentinian rock station before the show.  Lucky for us even the people of South America like to video tape shows so we get to see them performing the new tune too!

"End of the Lies" will be part of a brand new album by Jane's that is due out this summer.  It will be the bands first album with all new material since 2003.  After the album hits they will be hitting the road to promote it.  If you are a bass player get your audition ready too because they are going to need a touring bass player but guitarist Dave Navarro isn't worried because he said there are a ton of good musicians out there and he knows they will find their guy.