That is what Steven Tyler is telling contestants on this years American Idol.

Steven Tyler was recently asked by TMZ if contestants on this years American idol would get bonus points for covering one of his many tunes from Aerosmith.  His answer, don't even try it.  Though it would take a big set to step out in front of the lead singers of rocks biggest band and try and do better than him.  He was also asked about if Jennifer Lopez had problems with people covering her songs to which he replied, has anyone done that yet?

Gotta love Steven.  Right now he believes that he has both the time and energy to do American Idol and front Aersosmith.  Bassist Tom Hamilton seems to think otherwise.  He told the Boston Herald that Steven is the kind of guy that likes to think he can do everything.

He's taken a big bite, and I'm looking forward to seeing him chew it.

-Tome Hamilton (Aerosmith)

It seems like most of the guys in Aerosmith are pretty annoyed with Tyler's involvement in the glorified talent show.  Joe perry voiced his opinion over the summer and now it seems like the rest of the guys are coming out with their own displeasure.