That's right even thrash master Dave Mustaine likes to rock out to Slayer every once in a while, but what is his favorite of all time?

Dave Mustaine is one of thrash metal's founding fathers in Megadeth and one of it's best guitar players.  It's to bad that for a long time he didn't really get along with the other guys in the thrash scene.  I guess you can blame that on his crazy behavior over the years.  That's all over with now and the 'Big Four' of thrash are one big happy family, so to speak,

Revolver Magazine did a sit down with Mustaine in their latest issue which is heavily focused on the 'Big Four' and their upcoming shows this summer.  One thing that came up was Mustaine's relationship with the other bands and if he listened to their stuff.  Turns out the dude totally digs Slayer!  I'm not really surprised, because seriously, who doesn't?  So what his Dave's favorite Slayer tune?

I'd have to say probably my favorite SLAYER song is the one that they close with, 'Angel Of Death'. Yeah, I love the killer double-kick part at the end of that one.

Pretty cool to hear a thrash legend such as himself talk so highly about another band.  Is he there with Metallica yet?  Maybe not, but this is a good step.  If you wanna read more on Revolvers sit down with Dave Mustaine you'll have to run out to news stands and pick up the issue, or you can order it online  here.