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Former Seether Guitarist Rejoins Evanscence
In March, Seether guitarist Troy McLawhorn announced he was leaving the band "for personal reasons" only to re-join his former band Evanscence.  Seether frontman Shaun Morgan isnt too happy about it.
Seether Guitarist Quits
Trouble in Seether land as guitarist Troy McLawhorn quits the band due to “personal friction” with one of the other members.   Seether announced the guitarist leaving earlier this month.  Tuesday night they appeared on The George Lo…
Atticus Metal Tour III [Review]
Last night, six bands shook up the stage at Northern Lights for the last night of the Atticus Metal Tour III. The line-up was as follows: a local band, This or the Apocalypse, The Human Abstract, As Blood Runs Black, Darkest Hour and Born of Osiris. It was an awesome Metal show that left me wit…
Saliva Releases New Album – Hear It
Saliva released it’s seventh studio album, "Under Your Skin".  According to lead singer Josey Scott, the album has a new more matured sound.  Hear it now.
New Seether Album On The Way
South African band Seether will be releasing a new album on May 17.  The album will be titled "Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray". Two days later, Q103 will be presenting Seether in concert at Northern Lights.
Heating Up With COLD [Review]
This past Friday, the boys from COLD were in the studio for an on-air interview before their show at Northern Lights with bands The Lost Sons, Oceans Divide, Kopek and Egypt Central. The night was filled with laughs, pictures, awesome music and fans rocking out to their favorite bands.
The Sick Puppies Are So Sick! [Review]
Last night Australian musical trio the Sick Puppies rocked the stage at Northern Lights in Clifton Park. Beforehand, they took over the Q103 station with their on-air DJ skills. Overall it was a fantastic day and night, and I had a blast hanging with them and getting to know them a bit. They are awe…
Seether Takes Cap Region
This is a band I have heard a lot of people wanting back for another concert.  Well you have your wish because they are returning to the Capital Region.

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