Q103 presents Alter Bridge to Northern Lights May 18th.  Whether you know how to play an instrument or not, you'll perform side by side with the band during sound check.  Listen to Q103 to win your tickets.   Imagine... it's the afternoon of May 18th at Northern Lights.  The stage is set, Alter Bridge needs to run thru a few songs to get the sound just right for the show later that night.  Miles Kennedy steps up to the mic,  Mark Tremonti starts to bang out the riff of "Isolation", Brian Marshall slaps the bass and Scott Phillips wails on the drums.  The sound board technician adjusts the volume. Q103 listeners are up close to the stage experiencing the "sound check party".   After the first chords are played, another person steps out on to the stage, high five's Mark and stands to the left of Miles.  That person could be YOU!

Q103 is gonna make you a rock star!  Perform side by side with members of Alter Bridge.  If you play an instrument, they'll teach you the song. If you don't and can keep a beat - you'll play the tambourine.  Either way you're on stage with a kick ass rock band.

Listen to Q103 for the cue to call, be caller 13 when you hear it to win tickets to the show and qualify to attend the Q103 exclusive Alter Bridge Sound Check Party.  One grand prize winner will be selected to be the rock star and go on stage.

Promotional Consideration from Capitol Records.