In March, Seether guitarist Troy McLawhorn announced he was leaving the band "for personal reasons" only to re-join his former band Evanscence.  Seether frontman Shaun Morgan isnt too happy about it. 

"As the Seether World Turns", I guess we now know what the personal reasons are.  Troy and Shaun werent getting along.  Before the breakup, Shaun said how much he enjoyed working and writing music with Troy.

Shaun stated:  "When I write something, he'll complete that thought, which is amazing. It's like, you know, he'll do things that — if I had to go back and do overdubs like I did on the last album, he does them better, you know what I mean? So it's really exciting when that sort of thing starts coming together."

There must have been some sort of tension as Shaun had a romantic history including a very bad breakup with Evanscence singer Amy Lee.

From Shaun's recent tweets, you can draw your own conclusions.

Apparently Evanscence is planning to release new material in 2011.

Seether has no plans to replace Troy and will remain a trio for now. The band is currently touring promoting their new album "Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray" due out in May, the first single is Country Song and Seether will be at Northern Lights on May 19th.

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