With so many bands performing it might be hard for some to choose a favorite singer of that cluster. But not for me, one voice in particular cuts through the rest.

 As a performer who sings and plays guitar, sometimes people make requests. And if I can pull off a version of what they ask for I’ll gladly do it. But sometimes the request is something that I don’t do, either because it’s something I would never want to play it, or sometimes there’s a song that I’d love to play, but I just don’t think I’d do it any justice. I’ve found that the key to being successful at anything is to find what aspect(s) you’re best at, and then really try to excel there. So I try to opt for songs that I think I can do well.

Now to be honest, I can’t say that I’ve listened to all of the bands to appear at the ROTR, but of the bands that I’ve given a fair shake, Miles Kennedy is the voice that always blows me away. Whenever I hear an Alter Bridge song I’m usually smiling at first because I’m always in awe of his tone, range and ability to hold a note. And then as soon as the song is over I always say to myself “Damn, I wish I could sing like that!” As you can probably guess by now, Alter Bridge is a band that I don’t perform because my strong points just aren’t the same as Mr. Kennedy’s. And yes, he makes me jealous… But in a good way!

Keep listening to The Q for your chance to see Alter Bridge at Northern Lights on May 18th, and maybe even a 4-pack of tickets to see them at the Rock on the Range.