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The Greatest Worst Love Song Of All Time [VIDEO]
Spectacular, amazing, beautiful, awesome! Four words that describe how I sound while singing in the shower every morning. Seriously, If I were 50lbs lighter, not balding and roughly 15 years younger I would be the next Justin Beiber.
Queens Of The Stone Age And Filter Release New Songs
This is a big week for new music. Yesterday, Apocalyptica debuted a brand new tune with accompanying music video and today both Queens of the Stone Age and Filter have released new songs that are available for streaming. Oddly enough, the new albums will be the sixth for both bands and both will be …
Apocalyptica Release New Song ‘Psalm’ [VIDEO]
It seems as though Finnish rock quartet Apocalyptica have been somewhat dormant ever since 2010's ultra successful '7th Symphony,' but perhaps they were just going "underground" for a bit to regroup after a lot of touring to come up with some new material. That new m…
Interactive Music Video Requires Your Participation [PICS]
Naked woman covered in mouse pointers with instructions on screen reading 'Do Not Touch Model'. Ever see anything like that? It's funny, cause most people watching along are scurrying from side to side trying to uncover this naked woman. Confused?
The Albany Area FINALLY Has An Official Music Video [VIDEO]
Step aside Jay-Z, Albany is on the map- Neeeeewwwww Yooorrrrkkkkk!!!! Yep, we finally have an official music video and let me tell you- It's ill! Sick with it, if you will. Who needs quick cuts of the Empire State Building when you can watch a Sysco truck zoom down Washington Ave? Seriously, Al…
Band Profile: Avatar
"Welcome to the freakshow!" This band has nothing to do with the movie about the big blue creature people, it's the Swedish metal band made up of five long-haired creature people- Avatar, and they are a bunch of awe-inspiring, sexy freaks in a demonic circus, and I absolutely …

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