Step aside Jay-Z, Albany is on the map- Neeeeewwwww Yooorrrrkkkkk!!!! Yep, we finally have an official music video and let me tell you- It's ill! Sick with it, if you will. Who needs quick cuts of the Empire State Building when you can watch a Sysco truck zoom down Washington Ave? Seriously, Albany has made it. Shot in black and white and loaded with, well, I don't know what to call the music playing in the background, nor do I care.

You know what matters though? The fact that someone took the time to walk around shooting random spots in our city. You think Springfield Mass has that? No!! You think someone took the time to capture the greatness of their city all while filming a bus seat, from inside the bus? Heck no!

We've made it friends, and here's the proof.


The next time someone refers to our city as 'Smallbany' you smack them on the head and say:  We have an official video, what what!!!