A few days ago, Australian rock group Sick Puppies revealed that "There's No Going Back," the second track off of their upcoming fourth studio album, would be its first single. Now the coed trio have officially released the video for the song, which appears on 'Connect,' due out July 16. Hear and watch below!

In the previous post it was stated by bassist Emma Anzai:

We wanted to release 'There's No Going Back' first because it was like a mix between a feel good song and just like a high energy song. We have rock songs on the record [and] we have also ballady, emotional songs and that was like a good hybrid of both." Meanwhile, front man Shim Moore added, "It's a good statement because the record is much more musical. It was consciously much more musical. It's an elevation for us as players, as writers for what we're trying to say because our audience has also evolved.

What do you think of the video?