Harry Potter Wraps Up In Epic Style – Review
I decided the wait out the crowds for the final Harry Potter film and go last night.  The film was very well done I think I'll miss these Potter movies now that they are finished.  If you haven't seen it, there could be spoilers so read at your own risk!
Harry Potter – BJ’s Movie Pick
It is a weekend for geeks all across this great nation.  The final chapter in the Harry Potter saga hit's theaters and you can bet that this nerd will be there to check it out.
“Super 8″ – Dru’s Review
In a world of superhero and comic-book movies where grown-ups run the show, it's good to get back to a time when kids are the ones that find themselves on an unexpected adventure that turn them into the reluctant hero at the end of the film.  Once again, I warn you that there WILL BE SPOIL…
Will Smith Forced To Move Giant Trailer
Though he’s beloved by millions of moviegoers, Will Smith ticked off a number of Manhattan residents this week by parking his 1,150-square-foot, double-decker trailer right on the street.
Will New Transformers Revive Series?
I think I am in the majority when I say that the first Transformers movie was okay and the second one was pretty awful, but now Steven Spielberg has stepped in to put that special touch to the third one.

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