After two weeks of battling we have found our Christmas battle champion and it's the classic favorite, A Christmas Story.  It beat out Rudolph in the final showdown.

We had some very interesting match ups in the Q103 Christmas cage matches this holiday season.  In the first round we were looking for upsets, but found none.  The Rankin & Bass clan seemed to be done until Rudolph stood up to carry their brand all the way into the final round.

Ralphie and A Christmas Story flew through both the first and second rounds without even a scratch, but saw some trouble in the final four when it went up against fellow Christmas movie giant, Christmas Vacation.   It was a back and fourth battle between the two, but a late push by fans of Ralphie and his red rider BB gun propelled them into the final battle, and got the eventual win.

Thanks to all of you guys for taking part and voting in the cage matches this year, and we'll do it again next year to see if A Christmas Story can successfully defend its title.