In what was a very exciting final four of our Christmas battles, A Christmas Story and Rudolph have come out as the best Christmas movie and TV special and will now face each other in the final match.  So cast your vote and see who takes home this years crown!

It has been a fun couple of weeks doing these Christmas battles, but it can't go on forever and we need to crown a champion.  In the final four we had Rudolph taking on The Grinch as the best TV specials, and A Christmas Story versus Christmas Vacation as the best movies.  As you can imagine it was a tight race in the end since all four are so beloved.

Rudolph was able to hang in there and beat the Grinch.  Christmas Story and Vacation were back and fourth all day yesterday but over night Christmas Story lovers made a push and put it into the final round.  So here we are with everyone's favorite TV special against the fan picked favorite movie.  So which will win?  Cast your vote below!