Vanessa Hudgens has grown up before our eyes, and we like what we see.  She has gone from a High School Musical singing teen too a full fledged hottie.  So is she hot enough to trick us into going to see Journey 2: The Mysterious Island?  Maybe.

This former Disney star has turned up the sexy in recent years.  Unlike other former Disney girls, cough* Miley *cough, she has done it with class.  Except for that little nude photo mishap years ago, she has really kept a clean image.  Last summer she heated things up in Sucker Punch, and this year she gets hot in Journey 2.

Now despite her hotness, we most likely won't be going to see this movie (sorry Rock).  We will however enjoy the trailer, that tight little tank top and those short shorts.

Video Of Vanessa In Next To Nothing:

Journey 2 Trailer: