Michael Shannon To Play Villain In New Superman Movie
He's an award winner, Oscar nominee and is best known for his various roles, including his presence in Revolutionary Road, Vanilla Sky and Boardwalk Empire (HBO). Now, Michael Shannon will be able to add another role to his resume, as he has just been cast as the villain in the new Su…
Could Will Smith Redeem M. Knight Shyamalan?
Will Smith and his son Jaden are apparently next in line to star in the latest M. Knight Shyamalan flick.  The problem is his movies have not done well lately, so does Will Smith have the star power to reboot the writer/director?
Angry Birds–The Movie
I love and am addicted to the iPhone/iPod game Angry Birds.  I can't get enough of it.  I came across this obvious, but still hilarious, fake trailer for an Angry Birds movie.  It's set up like a dramatic war movie where the birds are our secret ammo for the new sling shot w…

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