It's the fourth battle in our first round of Christmas special/movie battles.  Billy Bob's drunken yet kind hearted Santa takes on Ralphie and his red rider bb gun.  Vote now!

This will be a tricky battle for sure.  A Christmas Story is a classic movie that is loved by pretty much everyone.  I mean it's loved so much that they play it for 24 hours starting Christmas eve night through Christmas day.  It's like a present every year for me when they do that.  Ralphie wants his red rider carbine action 200 shot range model air rifle, but no one will listen to him.  I could watch this a million times and still laugh every single time he says "Fudge".

Then you have Bad Santa and Billy Bob Thornton says way more than fudge in that.  A filthy Christmas comedy that is for sure not appropriate for the kids.  This one sees a filthy bottom feeder working as a mall Santa in order to scope out the place to rob. Sort of Grinch-like when you think about it.  Thanks to Thurman Merman though, he grows a heart.  People have learned to love this one, but does it have what it takes to go up against a giant of the holiday season like A Christmas Story?  Cast your vote below.