It's the final round one battle in the Q103 Christmas battles and we have a couple fan favorites in the mix.  Bill Murray versus Jack the pumpkin king, so who comes out the winner of this match?  Vote now!


A match up of unique Christmas movies this time around.  A modern day take on A Christmas Carol against a crazy Christmas nightmare cooked up by none other than Tim Burton.  Now a lot of people love Burton's Nightmare, but I also know many people who make a point to watch Scrooged at least a couple of times during the holiday season.

So a Halloween misfit becomes obsessed with Christmas after accidentally setting foot inside the magical land.  The only problem is Jack becomes a bit too obsessed and tries to take over as Santa Claus.  The problem, he just doesn't know what the children want.  A crazy adventure ensues and finally all is right with the world once Jack sets Santa free.

In Scrooged we are dealing with something that is all to familiar in this world, selfishness and greed.  Bill Murray takes on the role as a modern day Scrooge who could care less about the holiday season and is just concerned with his networks ratings.  He, much like Jack the pumpkin king, also course corrects.  So what's it going to be?  Vote now below!