Mrozek’s NFL Lock Of Week 2
Yes, I am from New England. And yes, I am a Patriot fan. But I learned early on in my gambling days to not let your heart get in the way of your wallet. So that’s why I’m all over the San Diego Super Chargers +7 this Sunday. I’ve been thinking abo…
Mrozek’s Pick In College Football’s Game Of The Day
I guess it’s really the big game of the night. And the biggest one they’ve had in Ann Arbor Michigan as it’s the first night time game the Wolverines have ever played. That will probably mean that the atmosphere will be even more electric that usual.
Back To Football – Mrozek’s Pick For NFL Opener
What a match up for the first game of the year. The last 2 super bowl champions going head to head on a national stage to open up the season. This is fantastic! And yes, I’m ready for some football.
So, now that we’re ready to watch, are we ready to pick some winners? …
Championship Sunday Picks
So here we go into the final four of the NFL. Who do you like? I always like to throw my two cents in. So I’ll pass that on and you can either go with, or against me.
NFL Wild Card Locks
Sadly, we are nearing the end of football season. Only 4 more weekends of football and then we have nothing for 6 months until the preseason starts again. In addition, there’s the possibility of a lockout. So this may be it for a while, but these next two weeks are supposed to be the…