So here we go into the final four of the NFL. Who do you like? I always like to throw my two cents in. So I’ll pass that on and you can either go with, or against me. Normally, I almost always pick underdogs getting points and like to pick and choose my spots. But at this juncture, there aren’t a lot of games to choose from so I have to alter my game plan. I happen to like both the favorites this weekend, but I expect close games and it would really chap my ass if the teams I pick win their games, but don’t cover the spread. So I’m opting for the money line on these games. For those of you not familiar with the money line, this means I will have to risk $190 to win 100 on both Green Bay and Pittsburgh but all they have to do is when the game. It just so happens that the odds are the same in both games. I like the Steelers more than the Pack though, so I will probably double my wager on the Pitt game.

In case you don’t know, the Steelers win more than 80% of their games when Troy Polamalu plays, and lose 50% of the time he’s not in. He sat out earlier this year when the Jets won 22-17, but he’ll be playing on Sunday! A couple other notes about the last time these teams played are that the Jets returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, and also had a great punting day as they pinned Pitt inside their own 10 yard line 3x. One of which resulted in a safety that forced the Steelers to have to go for a TD late in the game. Otherwise, they could have played for overtime with a FG attempt. One more thing, Steeler Tight End Heath Miller (who always comes up with big plays) also sat out that game. Pitt won the first down battle 24-16, AND had a 100 yards more offense than the Jets. So, barring a complete collapse on Pittsburgh’s special teams play, and adding Troy and Heath (2 huge difference makers) to this game, I can’t see anyway the Steelers lose this one at home!

Unfortunately, I don’t have as great a case for the Packer game. That’s why I’m only throwing half as much cash on this game. The only real thing to go on is that Aaron Rodgers is red hot! Well, there’s also the fact all Chicago has done so far is beat a Seattle team that only won 2 road games all year.

Good luck to all!