What a match up for the first game of the year. The last 2 super bowl champions going head to head on a national stage to open up the season. This is fantastic! And yes, I’m ready for some football.

So, now that we’re ready to watch, are we ready to pick some winners? I believe I am as I’ll be taking a poke with the Saints tonight. And here’s why.

First, I know that Drew Brees put in extra time with all of his receivers this offseason. Usually something that Peyton Manning does when he’s not injured. And I know that the Packers have not gone out of their way to do anything extra to prepare.

Second, and the bigger part of my interest with New Orleans is the way they ended their season last year. It was rather embarrassing for them to lose to the Seattle Seahawks. They were supposed to kill those guys. But they didn’t, and now they’ve had to walk around with that nasty taste in their mouth the entire offseason while the Packers have just been sitting pretty and enjoying their championship. I think the Saints will have more fire in the eye and much hungrier to get back on the winning side. And there’s no better way to show people that you’re back than by beating the current super bowl champs.

So there you have it! You have motivation and extra preparation if you go with New Orleans. Oh yeah, you’re also getting 5 points…

Saints + 5

Good luck!