Photo by Kevin C. Cox,Getty Images

I'm happy to say that I started off on the good foot covering by the mighty half point with UNLV Thursday. So let's see if I can start off the season 3-0.

At 3:30 I'll be going with Clyde the Glyde's Houston Cougars. I know he played basketball, but there aren't that many players with name recognition from the University of Houston. Here's another one for you though... Case Keenum. He's their potential Heisman candidate that tore his ACL vs. UCLA last year and was out for the rest of the year. I believe the Cougars will be taking some revenge out on UCLA for making last year a lousy 5-7 season without Keenum.
The other game I like today is the Georgia Bulldogs. What? I can get an SEC team (in what is virtually a home game at the Georgia Dome) and I'm getting points? I'm all over that! I've taken Boise State in some big games (like when they knocked off Oklahoma in that bowl game and last year vs. V-Tech), but this is different. It's an SEC team, and this is the only big game Boise's been in where they are the favorite instead of the underdog. Teams react differently when they play a different role.  It has been noted that Georgia has a very poor record against ranked teams. But that's just because all those ranked teams are from the SEC.
I am aware that LSU is also an SEC team that is getting points, but there are so many suspensions it's too hard to tell what kind of team you're going to get with them.
Houston Cougars -1
Georgia Bulldogs +3
Good luck to all!