Man Made Machine’s “Become” Album Review
Newest rock band, Tempe, Arizona quintet Man Made Machine have just recently been taking the music world by storm. They're on tour with Staind, and have released their debut album, Become. The band fits in very well with today's popular rock bands, as they have similar sound and style, while showing…
Evanescence’s Self-Titled Album Certified Silver In The UK
American rock quintet Evanescence are getting quite the Christmas gift this year- a certified silver album. The self-titled, 12-track record released two months ago, and has since sold thousands of copies. Perhaps it's because it's been five years since their last release that fans have been sufferi…
Chevelle’s “Hats Off To The Bull” Album Review
Illinois rock trio Chevelle are about to embark on their 17th year as a band, and what better way to celebrate than releasing a new album! Hats Off to the Bull came out last Tuesday, December 6 viaEpic Records, making it the sixth studio album for the family band.
Livan’s “Off The Grid” Album Review
Four-year-old UK quintet Livan came into my life a week ago today. They were lucky enough to open up for Alice Cooper at The Palace Theatre, along with eight other locations. I've already described them in some detail in the review blog, but I did not mention their third studio album, Off the Grid, …
Slash Has 13 Songs Ready To Go For Solo Album
Fans of Slash will be in for a treat in 2012 as he is putting out a second solo record, this time with singer Myles Kennedy on the whole album.  According to Slash he has 13 songs ready to record on top of the 3 that he has already recorded.
Five Finger Death Punch Thank Fans For New Album’s Success
I recently reviewed Five Finger Death Punch's newest album, American Capitalist, which was released about three weeks ago. Since then, the record has gained a ton of well-deserved positive attention and reached career highs- selling 91,000 copies during its first week, and also debuting at No. 3 on …

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