Here's a neat gift that any couch potato on your shopping list would love! I know I love my Harmony, because not only is it easy to setup and configure, but it truly is a universal remote. The Logitech Harmony 200 is a cool personal remote you program via your computer. No having to try 50 codes to find the right one.

This model of Harmony remotes is just a mere $20, and supports 3 devices. Using the USB cable that comes with it, you can and software via Logitech's website, you can do a simple look up of the devices you have in your entertainment center, and set it to the predefined buttons for TV, Cable or DVD. Then there are the 4 other buttons that you can program for specific commands, like eject for your DVD player or switching modes on your HD TV. It could even control your XBox 360 or your PS3. Plus with the button customization, you can have multiple devices turn on at the same time if you want to say, play on your XBox. It'll turn on your TV, tune it to the right input, then turn on your XBox, and even your sound system if you have one hooked up.

For the $20 price tag it really is a better way to go then those cheap $10 universal remotes you see at the checkouts of some stores. But even if you want a little more in the options department, for another $40 you can get the model with an LCD screen that tells you what device you're using, as well as use it with 5 devices plus a few other options that are available as well. If you need something for that couch potato, this is a sure fire winner. And the price is great too. I can honestly say this is a great gift.